Lockdown Journal: Day Twenty of Twenty-One

Day 20 – Wednesday, 15 April

Back to work. I write and publish three more blog posts as part of my daily lockdown journal. It’s turning out to be productive writing time, although remembering difficult times is perhaps not the best use of time. However, writing does help to acknowledge the past and move on.

I wonder how I could ever keep up with the daily happenings of an extended lockdown. Although the quarantine is said to end this month, in reality, it will be more likely a gradual phase-out from May onwards. There’s no real deadline here – it’s an indefinite period of confinement, restricted movement, looming financial disasters, and delayed endeavours and promises. 

I keep my obligation to cover the initial twenty-one days or three weeks of lockdown through daily blogs. Afterwards, as another work and creative endeavours become more pressing, I will more likely commit to a weekly summary. 

For the next two days, we will focus on house duties and Easter shopping and cooking. Usually, we would celebrate the holiday with a massive outdoor gathering of Romanian and South African friends, which is not possible at the moment. 

This year we will have a quiet celebration at home. We will bake more ciabatta bread if we can’t find fresh bread in the shops; open the white wine bottle cooling in the fridge for the occasion; (we’re out of red wine, sadly); light the fire; and enjoy the Easter meals outdoors, weather permitting. It’s been a couple of chilly days, but the next days look promising. As long as there’s sunshine and I have my husband next to me, I can’t (or shouldn’t) complain. 

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