About Me

Hello! I am a freelance writer and author interested in living a simpler, happier and more holistic life.

In this blog, I focus on intentional living, wellbeing, minimalism and essentialism topics, as I share my new journey towards living with less.

Books are a huge part of my life. I read a lot of fantasy, thrillers, adventure and historical fiction, as well as non-fiction books. You can browse through my Instagram feed to see what I am currently reading, and read selective non-fiction book reviews on the blog.

Aside from reading, my favourite pastimes include travelling and landscape and nature photography.

My work as a professional copywriter, blogger and content strategist covers a variety of clients, topics and industries. If you are interested to know more, you can find my business profile and portfolio at reo-media.com.

I write all my fiction under the pen name Irene Eccleston. My goal is to become a successful published novelist, and the first novel draft is currently underway. So far I have published a few children’s books. You can view and purchase my ‘Snowflake the Cat’ books from Amazon.

Romanian by birth, I have been living in Pretoria, South Africa, since 2008, with husband Rick, cat Snowflake (she is the main character of my children’s book series), and two crazy dogs, Sokkies and JoJo.


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