Lockdown Journal – Day Nine of Twenty-One

Day 9 – Saturday, 4 April

Weekend. The rain keeps pounding the pavement, on and off, like a stubborn child. I’m still tired and moody – I’ve woken up quite early in the sound of rain after a restless night. Even a strong and bitter coffee can’t help me now – I have two cups before noon. 

I want to start a new book, but my mind boggles at the hard choices. My latest read had left me in tears – great book indeed, but it’s time to move on. So, should I switch genre, pick up an epic fantasy, a classic Stephen King horror (I’m so looking forward to ‘The Shining’) or read something light, perhaps a wistful romance? I’m all for the former to take me to other imagined worlds; at this point, even witches and lords of darkness are more palatable than this neverending virus saga. I think I’m going mad, so today’s blog is short. I need the rest.

Today my husband and I are rewatching ‘The Two Towers,’ the second movie in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. It may be a decade’s old – how time flies – but the struggles of the kingdom of Men and the heroes’ walk to Mordor – nothing more than little hobbits – offers the same lessons of significance, hope, courage and strength we all need in times of crisis. 

Everyone needs to play their part, now more than ever, so that we can overcome this senseless tragedy and carry on with our lives as usual. There’s power in our everyday choices, big and small. The sooner we realise this, the better. And something else: we must keep positive. We must trust that better things are coming for us. We must have faith even in the darkest hours. Faith and hope.

There is some good in this world. There is always hope.

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