Lockdown Journal – Day Fourteen of Twenty-One

Day 14 – Thursday, 9 April

Two weeks in quarantine. Another week of lockdown, or so we thought. Unsurprisingly – given the extended lockdowns paraded overseas – the South African government has prolonged the national lockdown by two weeks, until the end of April. Forget about freedom on 27 April – Freedom Day – and get back to work after 1 May – Worker’s Day. Ironic, isn’t it?

In reality, the extended quarantine will be likely phased out gradually, with more essential-related services and industries allowed to resume their activities in the near future to lessen the economic slump. It’s too late to avoid financial disaster – containment is the only solution. I cross my fingers, hoping for normalcy to return in May. 

Today I am not feeling one hundred percent. As promised, though, I resume blogging and publish my ramblings on what transpired in the first week of house confinement. My brain won’t cooperate further than that, so I let it be. 

The weather is moody again – not unlike I feel – and I let hubby deal with the household fun – grocery shopping, pasta cooking, coffee making – once he finishes work for the day, of course. I slid under the duvet for a reading session, where I remain pretty much the rest of the day, adding ‘blissful bedrest’ to our lockdown vocabulary. 

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