Lockdown Journal – Day Eleven of Twenty-One

Day 11 – Monday, 6 April

How will the world look like decades from now, say in 2049, almost three decades after 2020 – the year an unexpected pandemic kept us locked in our homes? How much would have changed by then?

My husband and I are watching Blade Runner 2049. Predictably, the sci-fi movie is set in the same post-apocalyptic world of Hollywood movies – after Earth undergoes a catastrophic event – nuclear warfare, biological weapon,  etcetera – and the new state of things is bleak at best. Think one centralised government, nasty artificial intelligence, lab-created humans, and ruined cities devoid of any colour. 

I can’t remember the original 1982 Blade Runner movie. In this sequel, an LAPD officer played by Ryan Gosling uncovers a great secret that could create chaos in the current society. He goes in search of a former blade runner – the original character played by a now aged Harrison Ford – in search for answers. The narrative is compelling and the plot satisfying, despite the same old biased view of a dystopian future. I sincerely hope that 2049 is nothing like that, and there would be no other pandemic, war or cause of significant unrest in the next few decades. (Yes, I know, I’m a pacifist dreamer.)

This second week of lockdown, I am taking it easy, as per doctor’s orders, too. Resting doesn’t come naturally to me since I do not enjoy being idle for long periods. Being ‘idle’ in my case almost always equates with reading or taking a hot bath – but that’s not the point. I want it to mean rest, truly. Like watching the clouds drifting across the sky and the palm leaves swaying in the wind, or dogs chasing each other’s tails. 

Mornings, I have my coffee and reading hour – these days it’s a new fantasy novel I picked up on Amazon Kindle store that successfully transports me in a magical world loosely based on imperialist Russia – Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse, of course. Then I do some writing and blogging for my lockdown journal. If it’s a beautiful sunny day, washing and cleaning breaks are a given. I cook brunch by midday, today a quick mince and vegetable stir-fry served on a bed of long-grain rice. My husband takes a break from his work, and we enjoy lunch together. I have more coffee or rooibos tea and retreat to my own devices – rest, baby, rest – until it’s movie and dinner time. Then it’s back to coffee and reading, days fading away in a circular fashion of sort.  And it’s only the second week of quarantine. 

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